Ahh! you found me – so who am I?  Well, I’m part kite-flying artist and part crazy logical.  I want to make beautiful sounds on the Cello but I also want to know why and how scales can be manipulated. Learning to accept and embrace this left-brain/right-brain confusion goes a long way toward explaining my plantser tendencies. I welcome (code for ‘am overwhelmed by’) the ideas that freely pop into my head and use outlining as a means to keep up with the movie that plays much faster than I can possibly type.

Indulging my coffee habit, my Mac and the wonder of silence are the only tools I need to keep me going as I write and while pecking away at the proverbial typewriter is where I find a joy in purpose, the happiness that sustains me is the life I share with my human family, and our 4 chickens, 3 dogs and Ike the duck on our 30 acres in Vermont. If I haven’t had a chance to tell you already, thank you dear reader, for giving me the opportunity to do what I love!  – I hope I don’t disappoint!